Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Phase

Referring to the ‘count down timer’ on this page, I only have a week left..(more or less) be Mrs Rozalino. The title goes from Miss to Mrs..whooa~! *chuckles* it is hard for me to believe..really~!

It is not that I don’t like “us”, in fact, I AM happy. But the thought of being married, scares me and gives me butterflies in my stomach *bitting nails*. I can’t imagine how my life would be after marriage. Me?? Being a wife?? Is it for real?? Shares everything in anyways, my sad, joy, pain etc..with a total stranger, although I’ve been knowing him for the past 14 years (1994-current). The first time I met him , still fresh in mind. As if it was just yesterday.. *blushing*

It was kind of hard to see him back then, because he was still studying at Politeknik Ungku Omar, Ipoh. There were times, when I passed by his house, I heard sounds (deep down, I know it was him) *blushing*. 1996, he finished his study and we were getting closer. On march the 3rd, 1996, we made the relation official. However, it did not last long, on 1998, we broke up.

7 calls, no SMSes..nothing at all. except for bday wishers, we exchange bday wishes without fail..*chuckles* By the end of 2006, we met and start all over again (^^). (Orang kata LAU ADE JODOH X KE MANA..Insya Allah) Knowing each other better..-->inside out..upside down *grinning* And so, the relation evolved. Enough with the past. Those are the most precious memories in my..OUR life..*smile*

I’ll be 28 this year. I’ve gone through many phases in my life. And this is one of the phase that I need to learn *grinning* the day Molok asked me to be his wedded wife..*cheyyy~* until now, I keep on asking him..R U SURE?! I pray to Allah, ask for His help. Marriage is it not as easy as we say it is. Marriage means commitment. Committed to someone I call a hubby (who is a total stranger to me~!) how am I gonna do it? How am I gonna be? How am I gonna face it?? *bitting nails..AGAIN* there a lot more for me to learn, to adapt.. in being a good wife and a good mom.

11 days to go..i will carry a new title. A “WIFE” to a guy name Rozalino a.k.a. Molok. I’ve promised to myself. I want to be a good, a solehah wife and mother. InsyaAllah. To those who follows my blog, do pray for me..for my happiness..OUR happiness..(^^) I’ll sure be happy if only I can make M0lok happy..(^_^)

Kenangan masa bercuti ke Melaka bersama2 dgn family aku

After 7 years lost contact..~ Jalan2 ke Genting. End of 2006

* My 1st Luv.. Rozalino Rahmat.


hana robert said...

:) yelah Cah.. pejam celik jek ekk.. tetiba ko nak kawen dah... ^^ tinggal seminggu jek lagik~!! aduh.. aku plak yg berdebar2..

weh Cah~!! ape kata, ko listdown ape yg dah siap, ape yg bel0m~??


Mrs Rozalino said...

tu arr hana. cam x caye jek. aku mmg ada listdown apa yg ada & apa yg blom.. Hurm, wishlist adiah kawin tu plak.. xyah list2 arr.. sp2 bg adiah walau ape pon aku tima jek.. tp yg most important is kedatangan.. ekekeke

afif.ahmad said...

hmmmm....nk bg adiah ape ek...

Mrs Rozalino said...

alaaaa.. afif hang dtg ke x?