Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Your Pregnancy: Week 7

Your Pregnancy: Week 7
If you're one of the "lucky" pregnant women to experience morning sickness (a poorly named symptom of pregnancy as it can strike at any time of the day), remember that it won't last forever. Most of the wooziness tapers off by the second trimester. Of course, mental wooziness can affect you throughout your pregnancy, as you think of your growing to-do list, or wonder about how you're life will change, or worry if you'll know how to handle it all. Luckily, the cure for that wooziness is laying your eyes on your new baby.

Wondering what's up with your body, your baby and your life this week? Read on ...

What You're Thinking:
"How can I feel like I'm hung over all day long when I've had nothing to drink in three weeks?"

Your Body
You're supposed to be "eating for two" but instead, it's hard for you to swallow water. As a result, you're "praying to the porcelain god for two." Morning sickness can leave a pregnant chick exhausted, weak and wondering what on earth she got herself into. Don't throw in the towel just yet, here's how to cope:

There are a whole bunch of tricks that pregnant women swear help to reduce nausea caused by morning sickness ... such as sucking on lemon drops or any other hard candy.

Sometimes certain foods can help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness. Also, blaming your partner for everything has been known to comfort many women in the throes of nausea.

Even if you're experiencing frequent vomiting, try not to worry, as your baby needs very little nourishment this early in the pregnancy. Good thing, since all you've eaten today is two boxes of saltines.

If you're noticing weight loss or dehydration, you could have hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that occurs very infrequently. Check with your doctor.

Your Baby
This week your baby's brain is growing at a mind-boggling 100 cells per minute within a see-through skull. If you could peer inside, you'd see those tiny brain cells growing and growing and growing (about as quickly as you feel like yours are shrinking and shrinking and shrinking with your "pregnancy brain"!). More high points include:

Your baby's face is becoming more defined this week. A tiny mouth hole (which will be ready to wail before you know it!), tongue, nostrils and ear indentations are visible. His or her eyes are wide open, but he doesn't have irises (the colored part) yet.

Baby's arm buds are growing. At this point they look more like microscopic ping-pong paddles than arms. Baby's leg buds are also forming and will look like tiny paddles by the end of the week.

The umbilical cord—the connection between your baby and the placenta—is now visible.

Your baby is now between 1/3 and 1/4 inch long—about the length of a Tic Tac and about as heavy as an eyelash. While that sounds tiny, he or she is approximately 10,000 times bigger than at conception. Crazy, huh?

Your Life
Keeping the cat in the bag for the next five weeks will be tough. But the relief of finally telling your coworkers that you're pregnant—and not gaining weight at an astounding rate—will be a total relief.

Eat It:
Ginger Cakes
Ginger is nature's secret weapon against nausea, but gnawing on a piece of it isn't tasty. Luckily, tossing it in pancakes is. By the way, when you're pregnant, it's perfectly acceptable to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kata Ke-2 dari Baba & Ibu

Macam biasa, suami cium perut aku sambil berkata pada baby:

"Assalammualaikum baby.. sihat ke? Jangan nakal2 sangat ye kat dlm tuh.. Sian kat ibu. Baba & ibu senantiasa doa yg terbaik utk baby.. Yang paling penting nanti jangan lupe Allah (s.w.t). Insya Allah.

Pregnancy Calendar : Week 6

Pregnancy Week 6

How big is your baby?

The crown to rump length of your baby now measures around 0.08-016 inches, which is 2-4mm. The crown to rump is the distance from the top your baby's head to it's rump.

Your baby's development

Your babys heart should start beating this week and with the proper equipment, such as an ultrasound, you may be able to see your baby's heart beating. Initial circulation starts off in the mesoderm, yolk sac and the linning of the placenta. By the middle of this week the aorta will have started to form in your babys heart.

Another major development this week is that your baby's eyes will also begin to form as well as the surface layer of skin. This should compete development over the course of this month.

During this week your baby's head and brain will also undergo some rapid development. There are a few things which you can do to this development:

Ensure that your are getting Omega 3 in your diet as this plays an important part in helping brain development.
Ensure you are taking in folic acid in your diet, which you can get from eating green leafy vegetables and walnuts as example sources.
If you are still smoking, stop!
Limit your caffeine intake.

Another awesome development which is taking place is that your baby's tongue and nasal pits would have started to form, as well as "flippers" - these will later develop into your babys arms.

Did you know that leg development always lags slightly to arm development until the third year of your baby's life?

Your first doctor visit
What can you expect from your first visit to your healthcare provider as a pregnant woman:

You may discuss your medical history, which may include birth control methods and your menstrual cycle.
Miscarriage or abortion history.
Medication which you may be currently on or recently have taken.
Physical exam, which should include a pap smear and pelvic exam.
You may also have some laboratory tests done, or they may be done at a later visit. You can read more about some of the possible tests you can expect to have carried out in the pregnancy tests section.

*Info from Pregnancy Calendar

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kata Pertama dari Baba & Ibu

Mlm td, sebelum tido, suami cium perut. Aku senyum jek. Dia bisik sumthin kat baby..

"Baba harap, baby & ibu sihat. Lau da besar nnt baba doa agar baby x lupe ibu & baba.. tp yg paling penting, baby x lupe pada Allah (swt).. Insya Allah.. Aminnn"

Aku senyum. Dlm hati aku berkata dlm hati sambil pegang perut.."Ibu akan jaga baby dgn baik. Baby jgn susahkan ibu ye.. (morning sickness) Ibu slalu mendoakan yg terbaik utk baby.. Insya Allah.. "La ilah haila anta subha naka inni kuntum minal zolimin"


Last saturday (30 May) suami ajak teman dia buat keje. Besanya dia x perlu ajak aku da siap nk ikut da. Tapi, tba2 arini aku cam refuse nk ikot. Nak ke xnk.. Nk ke xnk.. hurm xnk lah. Nak dok umah. Nak kemas uma, nak gosok baju & macam2 lagilah. Suami da x terkata bila aku menolak..

Aku wat keje cam besa. Tapi, bezanya kali nih aku rasa letih yg amat sangat. Bayangkan selepas aku selesai mop uma aku nk proceed gosok baju plak. 2 helai aku gosok then aku dok. 2 helai lagi aku gosok then aku dok. Eh! Ni xleh jadi nih. Xkan penat pulang dari Induction x abih lagi. Apekah~

Esoknya (31 May) pegi kenduri kawin. Petang pai umah, suami ajk pegi jogging. Ok gak tuh. Aku pon dah lame da x jogging. Lagipon aku mengenangkan semlm aku nye stamina kurg memuaskan, so this is the time utk aku recover blik my energy. ekekeke.. poyo jek

Jogging punya jogging, nafas aku suda len mcm. Tp, dok pikir kesihatan punya pasal, aku teruskan gak. Bile da pai sek. ren, aku pandang blkg suami da jln kaki. Ank2 buah aku da jauh ke depan. Aku ckp kat suami aku da x larat. Dia pon sama. hehehe.. So, kami patah balik. Jalan kaki pai lah ke umah..

Nex day (1st June), pagi aku bgn dgn badan yg teramat letih. Aku x tau nape. Setelah wat benda rutin, aku tido blik. Suami pon terkanjat tengok aku. Dia pahamlah tuh kot bahawa aku x pegi keje. Kol 9pm aku bangun dgn niat nk kemas umah + tlg mak masak. Tp, ape yg berlaku, pala aku penin sangat. Aku baring kat sofa depan dan terlena lagi pai kol 1pm. Gile arr. X penah aku wat perangai cani.

Then aku bangun, mandi n wat benda rutin lagi. Pastu, mak ajk mkn. Aku ke dapur tgk lauk.. hurm.. ish! xdakl selera lah. Cane nih? Nak berjalan pon aku rase penat sgt. Ades~ teruk sgt ke stamina aku pas kawin nih? Cane aku nk men netball pasni? Cane aku nk jogging pasni? *sad

Perut aku kembung + aku pening + loya = owh.. nih symptom2 aku nk dtg period nih. owh.. ok. Tp, awat teruk sgt kali nih ek? Owh.. maybe sbb period aku lambat kit bulan sbb tuh teruk. Nape lambat ek? owh.. maybe aku stress sbb pegi induction yg lepas tuh kot. Ah! Biarlah..

Malam, aku xdak selera nk makan. So, aku masak megi. Oklah.. leh gak makan dari makan benda yg x lalu aku nk mkn kan?

Tommorrow-nye (2 June), aku pai opis. Nak makan, perut lapau tp at the same time aku xde selera. Ades~ tensi tol lau cani. Kol 9.30am, aku da x tahan aku pegi beli sandwich cheese (fav aku). ngeeeeeee.. Kol 10.00am, aku rase cam nk muntah. Eh! apehal plak nih??? Aku masuk toilet aku pon dgn bangganya kuarkan blik sandwich fav aku tuh td.. huhu.. My boss ask me to see doc. She said either aku gastrik or pregnant.. *konpius

Pai klinik (IIUM), aku jmpa doc. Aku masuk trs cakap;

Aku : Salam Doc, Im think im gastrik now
Doc : Salam. How u know?
Aku : Sbb tadi saya muntah + perut saya kembung *bangga cam aku plak doc
Doc :Hurm... *konpius
Aku : Biar saya cite dgn doc dr mula ye. Gini, period saya da lambat. Myb sbb saya stress pegi induction. Then, ble da lambat, saya mmg ade symptom penin pala + loya + xd selera nk makan kalau nk period tuh.. so, itu yg akibatkan saya kene gastrik.. ngeeeeeeee
Doc : Da bpe lama period x dtg?
Aku : 1/2 bulan... *senyum kambin
Doc : Awak nih.. *sigh.. pegi cek air kencing dolu
Aku : Gulp... arr.. ok.

Al-kisah, masa tuh da kol 1.00pm. So, lab tutup. Kol 2.00pm aku dtg. Wat urine test. Then, org tuh amik hilighter n put some note kat rep aku. Ngeeeee... tatot. Dia senyum n ucap tahniah kat aku..Ha?? Aku peknen ke? Masa tuh mmg aku x expect langsung aku peknen. Ye arr.. masa induction aku melompat, t'tonggang t'balik lah.. ngeeee.. aku jmpa doc. Doc gelakkan aku nye gastrik. Dia ckp aku da 5 wiks.. Tp bile aku kire balik pttnye da 6 wiks.. ngeeeee.. x kisah janjilah.. aku trs kol suami. Dia epi + nangis cam aku.. Syukur..

Aku pai uma.. suami da tggu. Dia belikan aku cookies fav aku. Suke! Suke! Suke! Tp, aku xd selera plak. Xp, leh simpan. Mlm, kami wat sujud syukur..

Suami x bagi aku simpan gud news nih. Suami suh share dgn sume org, dgn harapan sume org leh berdoa utk aku... *terharunye..

So, buat kawan2 sume, doakan yg terbaik utk aku nye. Moga aku & kandungan ini sihat sentiasa. Moga baby yg akn lahir nt sempurna & menjadi insan yg soleh @ solehah.. Amin...

Hepi for Eat.. (Mache, The Curve)

* On 23 May, ikot suami pegi buat keje. Balik singgah The Curve. Niat nk beli baju. Lapar.. singgah Mache. 1st time makan kat sini. Best. Dia buat ala2 Fresh Market & Restaurant in 1 place. Very2 nice. Then kak yong kol tanye kt mne. Sb dia n family ade kt The Curve gak nk wayang cite Night at The Museum 2. So, aku n suami tumpang sekaki tgk dgn dorg.. hehehehe.. Thx abg ghani sbb belanja kami.. Len kali ley kami join lagi.. kuikui

Induction Course 1, 2009

* Nanti lau ade masa aku cite. Skang xd masa + esk aku cuti.. jadi byk benda perlu setel. So, gambo2 nih just nk share dgn u all sepanjang induction course aku yg lepas.