Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Honestly, I took a few weeks to think what & how to start writing this blog. I asked myself,
"do I really want to start this blog? I don't even have much time for myself. How do I want to start writing a blog?"...But, I can't stand anymore. After a few cases happened around me... I think I have to.. For me, this is the easiest way for me to express my feeling.

Before I start bla.. bla..bla.. (:-)), let me introduce myself. I grew up at a small village somewhere in Selangor, Malaysia. I have 2 bros, 2 big sis, 5 nieces & 5 nephews..Gosh! they're really make me both happy and make me crazy too.. pheww!(sometimes laaa..) I thank God because I have mak & abah who always give me a 110% support & love. The most important is, mak & abah.. "U guys Rock!!".

I still remember the day I broke up with my fiancee (should be an ex by now..). Abah & mak never asked me why & blame no one; either me or him. Plus, they're only said,
"Adik, mak & abah akan selalu sokong apa jua keputusan yang adik buat. Abah & mak berdoa adik akan mendapat yang terbaik dalam hidup... asalkan adik happy"...

My elder sis, Kak Yong a.k.a "Along".. hahaha... Everytime I broke (dulu lahh), I'll borrow from her. But, I'd never pay her back. Hehe. And, tell u what.. she noticed that. That is because I'm the one and only lil' sis who still unmarried..yet! lolx.. Luv u Kak Yong <3333.>

My 2nd sister Kak Yin, she is so..I mean like VERY nice..and I love bullying her. The best part is, she won't fight back whenever I bully her..lolx!~ Like I said..(the Malays call it "lurus bendul"). I asked my mother once, if she has the option to send which of her daughters to heaven, who it will be.. And my mother said, " Definitely I'll choose Kak Yin". Well it doesn't surprise me *wink wink! -->I know she'll choose Kak Yin anyway ~duh!

Abg Ewah, my big bro, married to Kak Siti -->a Johorian<-- and they have 2 kiddies; Hazim & Asyikin. Hazim is very close to me.. Everytime is "UCU.. UCU.. UCU.." More like I'm attached to him..duh!..I always spend more and more and more money just for him... hukhuk

Abg Min.. When I was a kiddo, I was so close to him. I even joined him to play with the other boys. Hang around with boys' group. Don't care.. Don't mind.. As long as the big bro is still around me. But after he got married, being a father & an asst. manager... we no longer close like we used to be. Yeah, I have to admit that he has more commitment towards his family and the career. Erm.. Abg Min, I miss u so much..

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