Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Luncheon at KL Tower

Last Thursday, we had our (RMC's staff) lunch at KL Tower sponsored by Prof. Mohamad Shari. Our former Dean.

Actually, lunch nih dibuat skali dgn farewell dgn Prof. We luv u so much Prof. Thank you for all of the moments we've shared, inspiring and how valuable you are here. Really appreciated it.

Attached herewith some of the pictures during the luncheon. Enjoy the moments ya!

p/s: All d best Prof. Sahari..


aien sara said...

wah..sedap nyer betol kt sana kn...xrasa gayat ke eicah?

Mrs Rozalino said...

a'ah.. mknan mmg sedap since da tukar mgmnt. x plak rase gayat ain..